Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. marketing University of Washington
M.A., Chinese studies University of Kansas
M.B.A. University of Kansas
B.A., biology University of Kansas


Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

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Fulbright Scholar, University of San Carlos, Cebu, Philippines

Boeing Faculty Fellowship

CIBER case development grant, University of Washington

Pacific Asia Management Institute attendee, University of Hawaii


Thomas Sheehan Distinguished Professor of Marketing 2013
David B. Lawrence Undergraduate Teacher of the Year 2011
Harry I.Wolk Outstanding Faculty Scholar 2005 & 2011
Honorable mention, YPPA advertising competition 1998 & 2000
1st Interstate Bank award for teaching excellence, PLU 1998
Honorable mention, MasterCard advertising competition 1996 & 1998
Outstanding Marketing teaching assistant, Univ.of Washington 1987 & 1988
Voted #7 among outstanding professors, Univ. of Washington 1986


American Marketing Association

Fulbright Association

National Rifle Association

Order of Shaolin Ch’an


Marketing Management

Global Marketing

Professional selling

Sales management

Principles of Marketing


Marketing Consultant 1992-present

Consumer Products
• Supervised local research studies of Coca-Cola products—Dasani Drops, Vitamin Water, Powerade
• Conducted focus groups & consumer research studies for Boeing Credit Union.
• Developed product manager training for Ride Snowboard executive teams.

Sporting Goods
• Developed marketing plans for Olofson public shooting range.
• Surveyed gun show attendees to improve marketing performance of shows.
• Analyzed promotion efforts for gun show producer & airgun distributor.
• Created sales training materials for telephone staff at airgun distributor.

• Conducted focus groups for online diabetes care site.
• Performed consumer research for PR Pharmaceuticals veterinary care products.

Industrial Products
• Identified $700,000 in duty drawback refunds for Boeing Commercial Aircraft
• Assessed U.S. market potential for Chinese glassware & epoxy exports.
• Trained Hong Kong and Chinese industrial product sales reps.